Untitled (saucepan) (2009)

video (1-5 mins)

It’s over (2010)

video (2 mins 20 secs)

Untitled (shadow) (2009)

video (1 min)

Untitled (cake) (2009)

video (30 sec)


Dancing sheet 2008

video (14 mins)


Angela’s videos increasingly employ performative strategies to create situations where, for a small moment, the boundaries of normality are interrupted or expanded to include the unexpected: choreographed, yet un-witnessed acts of destruction; small interactions with total strangers; stolen glimpses into the shadows of private or personal lives.

Using sensual and domestic objects in everyday settings she presents the viewer with the visceral tension experienced when boundaries of accepted or expected behaviour contrast with our fantasies to overstep them.

To see Angela’s latest video Rock Drop (2012) go to: https://vimeo.com/53008016

Untitled (my hands are clean) (2009)

video (1 min)

angela findlay
angela findlay


Borne and Bound (2011)

video (2 mins)

Collaboration with John Heseltine

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