The diversity and range of the materials and methodologies used in Angela’s installations are united by an underlying enquiry into the effects of destructive acts of the past. More specifically she is exploring questions around dual nationality and the often hidden tensions or collective guilt arising from inherited historical conflicts. 

With the installations firmly placed within the realm of the everyday as opposed to the gallery setting and by using sensual materials such as food and mud as mediums, they also offer variations on mundane activities. Often spontaneous and site-inspired, they present ephemeral combinations of familiar and ordinary objects that have been subjected to processes or contexts through which they appear absurd, critical, funny, mischievous or slightly unsettling.

Untitled 12, 1, 3 and 9 (2009)

from a series of 12 installations in a stone vault

mixed media incl. cigarette packets, ice, jeans, mud

150 x 240 x 240 cm

Broken / Kaputt (2009-10)

birch laminate

60 x 180 x 290 cm

Piece of cake (2010)

Action in Cabot Circus, Bristol

table, tablecloth, plate, Battenberg cake, rock

Redressing Absence (2009)

site-specific installations in Stroud Cemetery as part of

Stroud International Textile Festival

collaboration with Shirley Margerison

mixed media with earth, ash, linen, wax, velvet

Do you hang your knickers on the line? (2008)

video installation (6.5 mins looped)

The sinking of the Lusitania (2011)

Battenberg cake

150 x 150 cm

Rock Drop (2012)

collaborative action in Laubach, Germany

mixed media incl. rock, breakfast crockery and foods

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angela findlay
angela findlay


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