stone carving

HMYOI Reading (2004)

Garden Project for mothers and their visiting children

mosaic, painting, wood- and stone-carving, labyrinth -building

HMP Send (2004-06)

Beyond Words

painting and dance / movement

HMP Wandsworth 2003

Tessellating Tiles


HMP Brixton (2003)

This is our Broken Silence

animation and photography

HMP and YOI Bullwood Hall (2004)

Inside Colours

mural painting

HMYOI Feltham (2001)

Outside Art

mosaic project

HMYOI Rochester (2004)

Tattoo project

drawing / painting

HMP Wormwood Scrubs (2004)

The Time Between

fathers making a story book for their children through creative writing and print making

HMP High Down (2003)

Learning to Learn Through the Arts

In her role as Arts Coordinator to the Koestler Trust between 2002 - 2006, Angela founded and ran Learning to Learn Through the Arts. The scheme recognised the differing needs people have when it comes to learning and aimed to provide an alternative teaching method to the traditional classroom setting.

By engaging in intensive, four week long, multi-media projects  prisoners had an opportunity to transform some of the negative emotions and belief systems that stand in the way of education and leading a fulfilling life.

Artistic practices ranging from stone carving and print making to mosaic, animation and painting are all activities that demand self-discipline, perseverance and care and the results reflect the degree to which someone has mastered these. By discovering the boundaries of the materials and interacting with others within the context of a group, participants received clear reflections of their own behaviour - both positive and negative. For some the desire to want to change, so vital for real and lasting rehabilitation, was kindled.

In 2007 the scheme was taken on and further developed by the Anne Peaker Centre. Many more prisoners succeeded in achieving accreditations in Key Skills and progressed to study other subjects.

angela findlay
angela findlay

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